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Aviators Sunglass Popularity

During the Second World, a new approach was taken. Aviators at the time were wearing sunglasses, but these were different from the original ones. The newer ones had a reflective coating on the lenses which varied in darkness and brightness. These looked very odd but attracted great mystique. The primary reason that they were so popular, other than the ability to hide eye harmful rays, is because of the way they had been designed. Darker lens and grater lines are always more flattering than lighter ones. That is how the aviators sunglass popularity grew.

Nowadays, wearing aviator sunglasses for sports purposes is very common. From a celebrity icon to a sports star, an array of celebrities have popularized these sunglasses. They have managed to popularize themselves, not only with the general public but with people up in the sports world as well. From getting endorsements from people like Brad Pitt to being recognized in the cricket world, it seems that almost everyone is wearing aviator sunglasses these days. Among the well-known ones are the brand Oakley, Ray-Ban, Smith, Maui Jim, and Goth.

One of the most popular designs with the OAA (Organic American Health Association) is the Oakley Crosshair. These are made of a nylon frame, PolyUrethane technology, and an anode blend metal. Polyurethane is just a high-quality way to frame a pair of sunglasses. They are well known for their High Definition Optics (HDO).HDO has become very popular with the general public, and don’t be surprised to find a pair on the arm of any holidaying BBQ enthusiast.

Oakley Crosshair sunglasses are popular for the polycarbonate that they use to make the frames. Polycarbonate is a very lightweight material that is a great stress-free fit for people whose total weight is average.

You can also get Aviators for half the price.  The quality is still good but the name brand is not well known. PUR Shades is one of those brands that has emerged as one of the leaders with their Aviator sunglasses for a fraction of the price of the high-end designers.  They market to the consumers that are looking for the bespoke look at an affordable price.

No matter which Brand of Aviators sunglass popularity you choose to buy, you will see that they are all of different qualities. Some may cost quite a bit more but others that are half the price may just be worth it. Purchasing sunglasses through the internet is the best option as many online discount retailers are offering great deals. They may seem too good to be true, but the internet is one of the best places to purchase good-quality sunglasses. PUR Shades offers great pricing and an unbelievable Lifetime Warranty.  Have fun and enjoy your shopping!

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