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The Classic Wayfarer Sunglasses

Classic wayfarer sunglasses have a uniquely modern look that is like an amalgamation of everything else: classic, modern, casual, high fashion, sporty. Wayfarers appear to be quintessentially American. Throughout the world, American men and women have been associated, in one way or another, with the same kind of style. Whether that association was founded by common cultural encounters or calcium complements, the resulting commonality makes these sunglasses kind of an icon of our times. It is perhaps the ultimate expression of the amalgamation between tradition and modernity.

 Wayfarer sunglasses appeared during the very early days of Ray-Ban’s manufacturing when the company was still relatively unknown, and it’s relatively new as the next-to-neck Brand. Originally, Ray-Ban wanted to scramble against modern acceptability. They were, nevertheless, one of the earliest sunglasses to use quality plastic, and they were the first to manufacture their lenses using the traditional darkened glass color. Whenever the general public spotted these first-time styles of sunglasses, there was a near-universal reception. But since the medium-sized wayfarer was not particularly suited to female attire, the design did not last long in the fashion scene.

It seemed irreparable for the design to be replaced by the now-common folded style.  But then our fashion nostalgia began. Sunglasses were rediscovered in the 1980s, and for the first time seemed less about conversion and more like what people wanted at the time: They want to escape from the modern world. For females, wayfarer sunglasses established that stunning look that can, perhaps, only be pulled off by those who are Above Average in just about everything. Wayfarer styles still have their usual 50’s icon underneath, but somehow the modern take on wayfarers succeeded in successfully differentiating itself from the past and arrived at something genuinely new. And the style proved to be so successful that it perched atop the trends of the time, and has refused to leave since then.

That is the real reason why wayfarer sunglasses are still in favor: They emerged ahead of their time and defined a certain scene, albeit a limited one. For this reason, wayfarer frames are emblematic of a fashion lifestyle that prefers to escape the social constraints of the past. What is notable about wayfarer styles is that the optical effect is compromised somewhat by their “oblique” design. We have all witnessed how the morale of a group can change according to merely looking at some other sign.Classic wayfarer sunglasses have more or less lost their original purpose. Almost all wayfarer sunglasses have a variety of colors. Regardless of the color, wayfarer frames can feature some sort of solid or gradient that renders them reversible.

Despite the practicality of their function, classic wayfarer sunglasses lost their popularity in the 90’s. The trend turn’90so wraparound sunglasses which made way for wayfarer designs. Even though wayfarer designs are still black on the ends and partly turquoise on the other, their popularity was able to drive sales of the style. Even if wayfarer styles are two to three times the size of your face, people don’t mind so much due to the distinct style they render in their opposition to the traditional uninteresting sunglasses. One reason they aren’t so hot right now is that even with the new style, their partly oblique retro look is still considered a Euro-antique fad. A lot of Chinese road travelers seem to feel the same way.

Luckily, it looks like the retro look is shifting. Several brands are bringing wayfarer styles back into production and reselling them at half the price of the original wayfarers. The price is a relative thing though: You can find high-quality sunglasses at PUR Shades, where the price is very reasonable. They also have a lifetime warranty if you lost or break your glasses.  Granted, you can’t try them on before you buy to compare. But if it still looks the same after you take them off, then you will never go back to the high-priced designer glasses.

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