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PUR: (peee-ur) used when something seems very iconic.

About Us:

PUR Brands believes we found a more valued way of earning consumers rather than buying them! We are concentrating on the entire customer experience. And our goal is to build a sunglasses business around value! We are beyond passionate about giving back to our community. And enthusiastic about our customers loving us and what we stand for.


For years the prices of sunglasses have been on the rise.  And if you are like me, I would either break or lose my glasses, before I had the chance to even wear them.  So we decided to do something about it.

We created a sunglass company with this in mind. With our Lose IT- Break It Lifetime Warranty program, made for our customers.  The warranty program will allow you, no matter what happens to your sunglasses to receive a new pair.  For a small handling fee, we will send you another pair of sunglasses regardless of whether you lose or break them. 

So if you are like most people, we are the company for you.  Don’t worry about spending a fortune buying new sunglasses, we got you covered.

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