Sunglass Trends For Women

Top 10 Sunglass Trends For Women in 2022

Top 10 sunglass trends for women in 2022: tracking down what works best for you.

1.) Big, bold, “way-out” oversized sunglasses, in a rainbow of colors and shapes. They pull double duty: they protect your eyes from sunlight while highlighting an ultra-fashionable and trendy sunglass style. You can’t go wrong with oversized shades.  Come on, you know you want to!

2.) Smaller, but still fashionable frames that are still hip. Define your own style. These shades are for the style-savvy who see the latest trend in fashionable sunglasses. They can be a little quirky, sure, but who’s complaining when it comes to a cool, hip pair of shades, especially when they literally work as an accessory?

3.) Plastic or metal frames. What are you, rocker or rock chick? We like the look of metal but for those of you who wear glasses, go with a plastic frame. That way, if you get dirty, just rinse them off with soap and water.

4.) An up-to-the-minute design.  While fashion is constantly changing, design is something that has a lasting impact. You can’t pass up a great pair of shades that are sure to turn a few heads, like ones that have a sleek frame and a distinguishable monochrome color scheme.

5.) It’s the perfect mix of tradition and modernity. Classic, retro, and modern – or the best of all three. I’m sure you can see where this is going.  What are you waiting for?

6.) Elegant, sleek and artsy, metal and abstract elements work their magic here. The colors and shapes are unique and beautiful.  This is a fashion look that is sure to go “vintage” on you.

7.) Plastic, metal and modern – are your best bet. Nylon frames are much cheaper than those of metal and the trend is to combine both nylon and metal frames in one design.

8.) A vintage look that is modern, affordable, and fun. What trend? Nothing says modern like a classic design with a slight edge.  This is where you can turn your detective lens into a chic, fun, and colorful sunglasses design.

9.) Your artistic side. We like our accessories to help accentuate our fashion sense and your sunglasses are a great complement to that. With a few carefully chosen accents, your glasses will help you become a stand-out in the crowd.

10.) Sunglasses with polarized lenses these days. Coming in various thicknesses, these shades are the new favorite of the adventurous types who love to spend time outdoors playing sports and activities.

Who is wearing your Sunglass Trends For Women in 2022? You can make a fashion statement with your eyewear. Go out and be the best you, in your stylish sunglasses.

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