GIVING MIRACLE pledge to “Give A Miracle”. We give a miracle to children in need to be able to have our contribution to the betterment of the world.

  • PURshades will donate a portion of proceeds to children in need that requires an Ocular Prosthetic.
  • 1% of all proceeds from will be distributed to children in need.


Our giving a miracle story

On September 2, 2002 Jennifer and I received a miracle baby that we named Trajan Anthony Beyer.  Trajan entered this world in a very traumatic fashion and almost died before he was born.  The doctors and nurses that took care of him and nursed him back to health, are people that we will never forget.  Before Trajan was born, he had transferred all his blood to Jennifer.  When he was born the doctors told us that he would not make it through the night.  But Trajan was a fighter. He had many blood transfusions, overcoming a collapsed lung, and fighting for his life in the NICU. We received incredible new that we would finally be able to take him home with us.

The day we were able to take him home. The doctors came to us and told us the heartbreaking news about Trajan’s left eye.  The doctors explained to us that his eye had never developed in the first trimester of pregnancy.  HIs eye would be small and he would never be able to see out of it.

We struggled at first with the news about the deformity of his eye.  As new parents we didn’t know what to do. We were happy that through his difficult birth that he was alive and healthy.  The advisement was to see many doctors. Who all explained to us that he would be fine and nothing would keep him from being a normal baby and have a normal life.  This was such a tough thing for us.   We knew how kids would react act at school. With Trajan looking different than other kids.  

We were introduced to Ocular Prosthetics in Orange CA. Mrs. Beverly, was very passionate about her work. She explained to us that our son was a perfect candidate for an ocular prosthetic eye.  She explained to us the process and how his new eye would act like a hard contact. The prosthetic would overlay his blind eye and mirror his good one.  Since Trajan was only a few months old we had never seen him even open his other eye.  He only squinted at us with his left eye.  We decided to move forward with getting the prosthetic eye, as we felt it would be the best chance for normalcy.   The process took a day for the fitting and another two weeks to get the finished prosthetic eye. The day finally came and we were so excited, we were still a little nervous that something may still go wrong. 

Mrs. Beverly was able to match his good eye.  For the first time when we looked at our son he looked…..normal.  Or what we perceived as normal. It was a defining moment in his life and ours.  He would grow up, and not have to worry about looking different.  We were so excited about his future.

From that day forward we had always promised that we would help other families. It is our time for giving a miracle. We would try to give back in some way to have people feel the way we had felt when Trajan was first given his prosthetic.  Even though our insurance covered the prosthetic. We do know that there are families out there that cannot afford this procedure.   So we have decided to give a % of profit from our Pur Shades sunglasses to help these individuals.  We want to share with them the happiness that Jennifer, and I have felt. The first time we were able to see our son with a set of eyes.

Gomin Beyer

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